Green Graded

News & Advice for the Cannabis Sector

Green Graded supplies all facets of news from every part of the Cannabis industry. From small growers to huge producers. From Hemp to CBD with everything in between. We offer professional business services to CBD and Cannabis Start-ups. With our HQ in Dublin, Ireland we publish online and we look forward to your custom.

What We Do?

Customers range from independent retailers, wholesalers and suppliers, as well as growers, manufactures, national media and social traffic.


Cannabis Startups

We provide all the advice and know how to start a safe and profitable CBD or Cannabis business.


Printing & Packaging

Keep your clients’ orders secure and discrete, all while staying on brand and reinforcing reviews.

Pensive designer reading e-mail from client when drawing logotype for a big company

Digital Strategy

We have a proven track record in sales and promotion, let us help you launch or expand your online presence and streamline sales.

Gold Bit Coin BTC coins on the motherboard. Bitcoin is a worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system called the first decentralized digital currency.


All things Cannabis, Crypto currencies and money related to the industry.

a lot of shipping containers in shanghai sea port


We can help you navigate all things CBD and Logistics & Delivery related. We empower commerce!

Quality soil in male gardener hands, cultivated dirt ground for organic gardening and agriculture

Farming & Seeds

Seeds are the starting point for a successful harvest. Green Graded follows a lengthy production process.