Can you advertise CBD products online?

Can you advertise CBD products online?

CBD is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It is difficult to ignore the growing presence of cannabidiol (CBD)

Nearly all major online advertising channels, including Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Snapchat, don’t allow brands to promote CBD products. The good news is that Facebook has recently relaxed their policies somewhat, but brands can still not advertise directly on Facebook and Instagram.

Here at Greengraded, we have developed market penetration strategies for several CBD clients In the UK and Ireland. These often encompass creative SEO strategies alongside content-driven PR campaigns designed to gain brand awareness in what’s becoming a saturated market. We will outline a few simple steps if you are new to the CBD marketing industry or maybe you haven’t been able to make an impression. Consumers are actively searching for information on topics that is still a relatively new topic to the general public.

Organic Traffic

While organic traffic is worth investing time in, relying purely on organic and earned media strategies will take a lot of time to generate traction for a new brand.

But how can I advertise CBD branded products despite the current restrictions on most popular platforms? We won’t be giving away are most detailed strategies, but here are four steps to help get you started.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is classified as a type of digital ad placed on a publication where advertisement never disrupts the user’s experience. Ads are embedded in the content or, in some cases, are the content. This strategy usually involves placing sponsored content on third-party websites billed on a CPM or CPC basis. You have to be careful about what kind of content you use since some platforms have restrictions on what type of content you use.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing allows CBD brands to bypass advertising restrictions on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Partnering with influencers enables CBD brands to reach a wider audience through organic social posts by tapping into individuals who already have a large following. To ensure a strong brand awareness its important to choose the right influencers. It is important to keep in mind that sometimes influencers with a smaller audience can have better engagement.

Individual affiliate marketing

Because affiliate marketing is based on performance-based sales, working with affiliates is a low-risk method of generating traffic. Individual affiliates work very well on social media because each affiliate should have a personal social media account and a following. It’s about building trust in a brand, and there is nothing stronger than someone seeing their friend or family member promoting your product on their social media account with a link to your website.

Podcast Ads

Did you know that podcast ads are not widely used or talked about as part of a digital strategy, but they are being used by CBD companies to boost awareness, considering other advertising restrictions are in place. 76% of podcast listeners in the UK have said that they have purchased something directly linked to a podcast advert or sponsorship message. 44% of all monthly podcast subscribers are aged between 18-44, perfect for brands looking to reach a younger audience. Podcast advertising is certainly a unique approach to finding a highly engaged audience. It should be considered by CBD brands that are not able to invest in brand awareness through mainstream digital advertising channels.


Given the extremely limiting restrictions on traditional advertising platforms. There is a range of alternative options available to CBD brands looking to spend money. Indeed, it is likely Facebook, Google, and other major players will lift their restrictions on CBD ads in the years ahead. For now, CBD brands can invest in building a solid organic foundation driven by accurately placed content and activity.

The CBD space is becoming more saturated by the day; it’s essential to focus on cost-effective marketing and not soul-draining time-wasting marketing that will leave you worse off than when you started your epic journey. Here at Green Graded, we offer some great marketing packages get in touch with us today.