CBD & Cannabis Packaging for Online Delivery

CBD & Cannabis Packaging for Online Delivery

E-commerce Boxes

Packing is one of the most important parts of the journey for your customers. Just before they open the product they have spent their hard earned cash on its time to shine! The brand that they decided to invest their time and money in is what you want to resonate deep into your customers conscience. Your brand needs to stand out and show off in the few seconds before that E-commerce ends up in the recycling bin.

At GreenGraded we specialise in soaking those ideas that keep you up until 2am in the morning. From the colours of your E-commerce box. The messages within the cover you name It we got it!

We offer solutions from brand design right the way through to mailer bags for your E-Commerce box. Don’t be turned off when other companies ask have you got your box template? Send me your logo? GreenGradeds long list of partners are all about bringing your ideas into reality!

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