CBD Oil why does extraction matter for me?

CBD Oil why does extraction matter for me?

What are the options on the market today and what is all about?

Did you know crude oil found using out of the ground in its natural form its useless. Hemp is just the same, in its natural form it’s a flower with stems and seeds. It needs to be processed and there are so many ways that this accurs. Let’s get into and breakdown what really is going on within the hemp industry and how it affects you.

Solventless CBD Extraction (by hand)

This way is the most primitive way to extract CBD from Hemp plants. You freeze the plant matter. Once frozen you shake the small trichomes loose and gather them together. It’s the most natural way to extract, cheapest method but yields are low and now way to contrail purity. This method of using low template extraction is also used on an industrial scale which I will talk about shortly.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil extraction

Full-spectrum CBD is a substance that contains all of the extracts naturally found in the cannabis plant, including very small amounts of THC.

Carbon dioxide extraction

This method uses CO2 to separate CBD oil from the cannabis plant. It is a popular extraction method for CBD products and is capable of successfully producing high concentration CBD.

Solvent extraction

Although this method is effective if solvents are left behind, the process does pose Health risk. Solvent extraction can also affect the flavour of the extract.

Lipid extraction

This process is gaining popularity, as some companies are now trying to avoid CO2 and solvents.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Benefits

Full-spectrum CBD oil has a very Low percentage of THC that works with the other chemical compounds extracted from the hemp plant. Full spectrum CBD oil also contains the vital Terpenes from the cannabis plant. Full spectrum CBD oil contains all of the natural makeup of the cannabis plant it maximizes the potential health benefits. This method of extraction would be the closest to the hand extraction method above.

Broad spectrum CBD extraction

Broad spectrum CBD oil do not contain CBD. This is a compound found naturally within the cannabis plant. This method wouldn’t be the most popular, and one we wouldn’t always recommend unless you may wish to avoid THC which is defiantly a better alternative. Some say that without the THC the oil has more benefits than the likes of full spectrum.


Although the current evidence suggests that full spectrum CBD oil may be the more effective CBD oil on the market today there is a need for additional research. We are currently investigating complete extraction methods with a company in Ireland called 123cbd.ie. We reached out to this company in January asking for detail into their methods of extracting full spectrum CBD oil. Once the details are available we will share.