Print & Packaging

Printing and product design are crucial, wrap your product in a professional & secure parcel

Keep your clients orders secure and discrete, all while staying on brand and reinforcing reviews.

CBD & Cannabis Packaging is a fine art, we source the most reputed print & packaging vendors on the market with end-to-end printing and packaging solutions.


Dispensary packing

We offer a wide variety of packing solutions to suit your

Brand, product or dispensary needs.

  • Glass / Plastic Jars.
  • Mylar bags.
  • Tincture bottles.
  • Self-Sealing Pull-Ring Tins.

Branding & Marketing

We offer a wide variety of branding and marketing tools, to suit your needs.

  • eCommerce packaging.
  • Business Cards.
  • Stickers and labels.
  • Flyers.
Cannabis Marijuana Rolled in Joints on Dark Reflective Background.

Price & Quality

We understand the value a quality product can bring to a company, we can help establish your;

  • Target Market.
  • Price and quality matrix.
  • Business size.
  • Market footprint.

Get in touch with us today and we can recommend a simple safe and cost efficient provider that will meet your needs