Brand & Start-up

We can help you navigate all things CBD and Logistics & Delivery related. We empower commerce!

The logistical movement of CBD products are fraught with issues and legal loopholes. At Green Graded competitive pricing and exceeding customer requirements is our number one priority. Let us help you deliver on time, legally and in a way that impresses your customers and keeps them coming back.


Brand Strategy

We create clarity and convection.

-Brand identity

-Brand architecture

– interface and design

– Go to market strategy


Digital & Physical Footprint

We help make new opportunities for growth.

– Industry Research

– Gap & opportunity identification

– Creation of future roadmap

– Growth analysis


Product Design

We assist in creating value through more progressive.

And intuitive products.

– Analysis of needs

– Product features and benefits

– Commercial impact

– Price and quality

Get in touch with us today and we can recommend a simple safe and cost efficient provider that will meet your needs