European Certified Hemp Seeds

European Certified Hemp Seeds

‘You reap what you sow’

Seeds are the starting point for a successful harvest. GreenGraded follows a lengthy production process which begins by establishing the variety of the seed, to the crop nurture and obtaining verification for the seeds we source.

Seed origin

We provide EU certified seeds, with certified genetics and cannabinoids profile.

Genetics / strains

Finola Certified seeds, Santhica 70, Kompulti, futura 75, Fibror 79 and many more.


We work directly with farmers and suppliers which allows us to negotiate the price based on the volume we purchase. We are accepting orders for the new season.

Fast process

We can offer a quote on Certified Seed orders 25kg – 1000kg. Get in touch with us today!

CBD potency is not guaranteed for seeds since it depends on soil, water, weather conditions and farming experience.