Hemp Machines for sowing, harvesting, drying and processing

Hemp Machines for sowing, harvesting, drying and processing

Raised Bed shaper

Looking for a quality bed shaper, a bed shaper that produces a perfectly shaped bed for your farm in one pass. Perfect for farms over 100 acres and Durable ‘sweeps’ to cut and roll the soil into press pan, and push finer soil to centre of bed where you plant.

Header for harvesting

Designed to pick the tops off the hemp plant, also known as inflorescence, flowers, leaves and seeds. We can supply a header which is mounted on a tractors front end loader or on whatever machine you are already using.

We also can provide a track mounted Hemp harvester. This machine was designed for the hemp industry. See video

Portable Hemp Crop Dryer

The Hemp is placed on the perforated floor of the dryer equal layers. The dryer is made from the most portable product on the market today shipping containers. The floor of the dryer is made from perforated galvanized sheet metal. The floor inside is movable, because the floor is moveable there is also no need to worker enter the dryer and in that case one could avoid possible contamination of the drying material.

The dryer is designed for outdoor use.

Length – 10000m

Width – 2230mm

Height – 2700

Hemp separating machine

The Hemp separation machine is designed to separate the inflorescence of the hemp plant from the rest of the plant. Dry processing material is put into the machine, the machine separates the flowers, stems, leaves and seeds.