How to Design a Logo for a Cannabis Brand

How to Design a Logo for a Cannabis Brand

When you embark on your own logo design process, you have to do it right. Creating a logo should be the first ingredient for effective branding, Building recognition and dominating the market in any industry. It is an undertaking that takes time, thought and a few 3am brain jerks.

From finding inspiration to choosing colours and the right font for whatever comercial direction the brand is steering towards. The mission in layman’s terms is to create a logo that your audience won’t forget. From a straight forward Billy the Bookcase build it on your own font IKEA, to a complex heavily caffeinated logo which dominates the seasons known as Coca Cola.

What Is a Logo?

A logo is a branded design that functions as a symbol for a particular business. It represents the essence of its purpose and personality. Your logo will become the face of your brand, acting as the identifying factor audiences will connect with like the Golden Arches within McDonald’s.

Why do I need a logo?

As small as it may seem a logo plays a big role in marketing and your business strategy. Your logo will communicate and distinguish your brand from others within the market you enter into. Your logo makes this possible by acting as a visual mark of reference for new and potential customers. A logo which is created correctly will force a positive connection with audiences that will lead to engagement, loyalty and growth.

Creating a GOOD logo vs a GREAT logo!

Above we mentioned your idea. Your idea is something that belongs to you! Your idea is a passion you have for an idea that you believe will work. Be careful with this direction because it is emotionally driven and the passion you have others may not have. Remember you will love your idea for a business more than anyone else. Your idea should be simple. We live in a time where we want everything now which equates to simplicity boiled down. lets say the Business idea you have is complicated your logo won’t have the positive connection it needs to engage with many.


Four qualities for a great logo.

  • Simple: The phrase “to burn the candle at both ends” couldn’t be more fitting. You are overdoing it. In most cases the least complicated logos are the easiest to remember which promotes engagement. So try create a logo with a simple message thats easy for people to connect with


  • Timeless: The logo you decide on should be able to be spruced up over time so don’t worry if it isn’t 100% what you visioned. The message and impact that the logo has is what is the most important part. By focusing on the quality of the logo and avoiding designs that are overcomplicated and trendy what you will create should last a lifetime. Its okay to improve on your logo down the road.


  • Serve as: Your logo should appeal to your target audience and portray your business’s values. Make sure you include the elements in your design that are relevant to the industry and accuretly represent your brand.


  •  Adaptable: You’ll want a design that looks great no matter where its placed. A logo that can be placed on a something small like a garment or scaled to the size of a 50 foot Billboard. A logo that can be resized and displayed on different media from the start will increase your brands visibility and avoid inconvenient limitations.


Although it’s your logo and you have the final say, you may have come to a crossroads and can’t move forward. Don’t worry this is normal why not get in touch with us today? At GG we could help you with any part of design please see ______ for more information.